I am a designer with a keen interest in people and their relationships with technology.

My background in Computer Science and Environmental Education fuels my decision making and skill-set today. I graduated with a Masters Degree in Human-Computer Interaction and Design from the University of Washington Seattle MHCI+D program in August of 2019. Through this program, I spent 11 intense months refining my skillset and learning the 'trade'.


Feel free to reach out through LinkedIn or at augustusarthur@gmail.com.

"optimum est alius nondum venit"

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Podcasts on heavy rotation


In 'How I built this' Guy Raz interviews successful entrepreneurs about the rise (and fall and rise) of their businesses..primo content!


I always look forward to the opinions of Nilay Patel, Dieter Bohn and Paul Miller about the week's tech.


I am a Steve Jobs fanatic and Walt Mossberg was a close friend to not only Steve but Bill Gates and other iconic tech giants. Need I say more?


I listen to learn more about the world of tech privacy. The bicker irreverence and banter is oh so refreshing!

For spiritual fulfillment, I spend a lot of time in church and also listening to my pastor's podcasts whenever I get the chance.


The relationships humans have with tech is weird. This podcast keeps me informed about new trends in UX.

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